“Since two decade, Titaura'a Tarahu recovers, manages, commercial and consumer debt”
SINCE 1992
Amicable debt collection
You need a local agency to secure your payments in French Polynesia ? 
"Debt collectors tell clients overdue bills are not like fine wine—they only worsen with age."
For your business to be successful, you need to be paid for your services or products. However, many customers stall payments, pay late or don't pay at all. 

Knowledge and proceeding of the local market to maximize your cash recovery 
The older an account becomes, the less chance you have of receiving your payment. Use a debt collection agency, and your chances of recovery remain high.
Our job
Act upon issuance of the invoice to detect as soon as commercial litigation and avoid unpaid
Thanks to our know-how we can offer you the whole package from a very successful amicable process to the appliance in a qualitative and transparent way. We ensure you to achieve the best possible result.
This success is due mostly to our long standing experience in accounts receivable management.
Cash Recovery
From the due date, our teams take over to improve the payment deadline
Our goal : Customer Relationship preservation, maximize collection efficiency, within the shortest possible lead time.
Our mission is to add value for our clients. We help them to achieve an high level of fast and effective debt collection.
We aim to achieve the highest recover rate with the least amount of hassle and with the lowest cost to our clients, whilst preserving our client’s goodwill.

 - We always take immediate action: within 48 hours after receiving your request, we contact your debtor, 
- We enrich the data by using external data sources and obtain the best informations in case for judicial stage,
- Despite our efforts, we do not always succeed in collecting your debt in an amicable collection. In such case, we will advise you on whether or not to take legal steps
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